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Action plan for employment

10 February 2017 - Employment / Labor Rights

In combating unemployment, we are fighting to do more than create just any jobs. We are fighting to create jobs that allow people to live with dignity.

This is one of the goals we have set out to achieve, and...

20/07/2017 19:30h

The City Council and the AMB get directly involved to resolve the metro strike

Mobility. The two administrations have strengthened their team of negotiators in a bid to transmit a series of improvements in...

17/07/2017 18:49h

La Mercè 2017 has an opening speaker and a poster!

Festa Major. The city’s local festival includes two new venues in Sant Martí and Nou Barris, has a poster designed by Javier Mariscal...

11/07/2017 11:20h

A new tool for improving housing policies

The metropolitan area’ various authorities have created the Metropolitan Housing Observatory, a tool for analysing and consulting housing-related...

02/07/2017 16:39h

The Model prison remembers its past by looking to the future

Memory. A public exhibition looks at the history of the centre using thirteen different accounts. Various activities are planned up...