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Action plan for employment

10 February 2017 - Employment / Labor Rights

In combating unemployment, we are fighting to do more than create just any jobs. We are fighting to create jobs that allow people to live with dignity.

This is one of the goals we have set out to achieve, and...

06/04/2017 18:25h

Colau demands greater investment and regulation of housing from the Ministry of Public Works

Right to housing. The Spanish state has cut its investment in housing by 70% since 2009, from 1,512 million euros down to 466 million...

05/04/2017 18:58h

Metropolitan cities call for greater funding and legal means to guarantee the right to housing

Right to housing. The municipalities are demanding increased funding from the state for housing, and for abusive rents either to be...

22/03/2017 13:39h

Seven metropolitan municipalities unite to defend public water management

Ecology. The network, open to other municipalities and entities, is made up of Barcelona, Badalona, Cerdanyola del Vallès, El Prat de...

08/03/2017 13:51h

“An imperative for the reduction of emissions in the city”

Mobility. The Mayor, Ada Colau, opened the second session of the international Tramway-City Conference today, which brings together...