25/08/2017 21:47

"Paris stands with you today"

The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, at Barcelona’s side.

25/08/2017 20:54

“Madrid sends you a big hug”

The Mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, sends a message of support to the city of Barcelona

25/08/2017 18:05

“The world is with you”

Message of support to the city of Barcelona from the Mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh.

23/08/2017 19:54

A big civic event to acknowledge the role of the police and emergency services

An extraordinary meeting of the Local Security Board agrees to step up the police presence and study additional preventive measures.

22/08/2017 17:44

Message of confidence and unity from the tourist sector

Meeting with the economic players to assess the situation after the attack on La Rambla.

22/08/2017 10:54

Messages of peace from Gràcia and Sants

Manifestos of condemnation and a minute’s silence at the two annual festivals, which started up again after three days of official mourning.

19/08/2017 21:07

#IAmNotAfraid: big public demonstration Saturday, 26 August

The route starts in Jardinets de Gràcia and ends in Plaça de Catalunya.

18/08/2017 17:17

La Rambla attack information service

Public service. Barcelona city services are still assisting anyone who needs help following the attack on La Rambla.

18/08/2017 16:35

Barcelona isn’t afraid

100,000 people have come out on the streets to shout "I’m not afraid", a massive response by local people against the attack on La Rambla and in support of the victims

18/08/2017 08:33

Most public services back to normal

Except round Plaça de Catalunya and La Rambla, public transport and municipal facilities have resumed normal service

Ada Colau atemptat Rambla
17/08/2017 22:51

“The avalanche of solidarity makes us strong. Barcelona is a city of peace, open to the world and proud of its diversity”

Minute’s silence at 12 midday, this Friday, in Plaça de Catalunya, in solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attack on the Rambla. Three days of official mourning have been declared.

01/12/2017 17:19

Commitment to culture and science

Economy. Barcelona City Council, cultural facilities and research centres in the city join forces to call for a review of VAT being claimed on public subsidies in these sectors.


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