11/04/2018 18:25

Alliance with Ripoll to share intercultural strategies

Cooperation. The signing of a collaboration agreement will help prevent violent extremism.

09/04/2018 19:55

Ten-year public and political agreement to reduce inequalities

Social inclusion. The strategy is based on consensus between politicians and 700 entities and aims to make Barcelona a fairer, healthier, more liveable, educational and feminist city for all.

19/03/2018 19:18

Saving lives is not a crime

Cooperation. Institutional support for Proactiva Open Arms as the entity has a boat impounded in Sicily.

17/03/2018 12:56

Glòries is greenward bound

Urban ecology. Work resumes to turn the future Parc de les Glòries into a new central space for local residents and a green lung for the city. Work on the road tunnels to carry traffic from the Gran Via is also under way again.

16/03/2018 19:02

New buses for more sustainable and efficient public transport

Mobility. TMB continues to renew the city’s bus fleet with 76 new vehicles, meaning greater comfort and less pollution.

07/03/2018 19:50

Cities’ basic needs left out of the new state housing plan

Housing. The downward trend in investment for state housing policies continues.

06/03/2018 11:50

Support for the women’s strike on 8 March

Feminism. The Mayor and the women Councillors and Commissioners from the municipal government are joining in with the strike and no municipal public acts will be held.

27/02/2018 19:01

Full data on housing in Barcelona

Housing. A comprehensive new interactive online tool on the housing stock in the metropolitan area.

22/02/2018 20:06

We won’t keep quiet in the face of sexist violence when we’re partying either

Feminism. Staff from nine venues and three festivals have received training on dealing with and responding to any sort of sexual harassment or aggression.

21/02/2018 18:58

Unity in defence of human rights and freedoms

City Council. Institutional support and empathy at the reception for the families of Catalan political prisoners.

17/02/2018 17:08

Legal action over the attack on La Rambla on 17A

BCNciutatdepau. Barcelona City Council takes private legal action to provide help and support for those affected.

14/02/2018 19:33

Temporary local housing to combat gentrification

Housing. A temporary solution to extend the city’s public housing stock.


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