21/02/2018 18:58

Unity in defence of human rights and freedoms

City Council. Institutional support and empathy at the reception for the families of Catalan political prisoners.

17/02/2018 17:08

Legal action over the attack on La Rambla on 17A

BCNciutatdepau. Barcelona City Council takes private legal action to provide help and support for those affected.

14/02/2018 19:33

Temporary local housing to combat gentrification

Housing. A temporary solution to extend the city’s public housing stock.

09/02/2018 17:25

Open schools in the neighbourhoods

Neighbourhood Plan. A boost for educational projects by schools in the most vulnerable neighbourhoods, opening them up outside school hours and turning them into focal points for the community.

08/02/2018 13:21

Play needs more parks, more leisure, more nature and less pollution

Santa Eulàlia. Children from the city took part in the children’s proclamation, suggesting ways to improve Barcelona and speaking up for play as a right.

22/01/2018 20:38

A global city which stands up for its residents

Municipal action. Municipal action complements the city’s international position with municipal powers to facilitate access to housing.

20/01/2018 18:20

El Raval is synonymous with rumba

Memòria. Carrer de la Cera, in the neighbourhood of El Raval, inaugurated two dividing walls with a festive occasion paying homage to rumba.

19/01/2018 18:28

A port for the city and its people

Urban planning. Agreement is reached to group together cruise ship terminals and gain space from two wharfs for the Nova Bocana, opening up a 14,000 square metre zone for public use.

05/12/2017 17:14

New terrace regulations agreed

Terraces. General consensus on drafting new regulations that are easier to understand and apply, and adapted to the real needs of local residents, bar and restaurant owners and the area.

04/12/2017 19:55

Tighter control over vehicles for rent with drivers

Mobility. The metropolitan area is developing its own regulations to limit the number of VTC vehicles.

01/12/2017 17:19

Commitment to culture and science

Economy. Barcelona City Council, cultural facilities and research centres in the city join forces to call for a review of VAT being claimed on public subsidies in these sectors.

20/11/2017 16:17

The opening speech for the Santa Eulàlia festivities focuses on children

Santa Eulàlia. Over 900 children from different schools in the city have been tasked by the Mayor with writing the proclamation speech for the Santa Eulàlia festivities.


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