15/02/2017 14:56

‘Volem acollir’, a call to fill the streets of Barcelona

Refuge City. The demonstration ‘Volem acollir’ sets off from Pl. Urquiaona at 4 pm on Saturday, 18 February, and ends up in the Barceloneta neighbourhood.

14/02/2017 19:38

Technology features in all ten city districts for Mobile Week BCN

MWeekBCN. The programme of parallel and prior activities for the Mobile World Congress has been boosted.

10/02/2017 12:41

The city’s children call for refugees to be taken in

Santa Eulàlia. Pupils taking part in the drafting of the Children’s Proclamation for the Santa Eulàlia festivities read out their proposals to make Barcelona a reception city.

01/02/2017 14:16

Six cities in the metropolitan area to use the software

Participation. An agreement with Localret and Barcelona Provincial Council means other municipalities can make use of the technological platform for citizen participation.

19/01/2017 16:02

Common front by all Catalan administrations to stand up for energy rights

Social rights. Provincial councils, municipalities and the Government of Catalonia all coincide on a single agreement obliging companies to bear half the cost of energy poverty.

16/01/2017 19:42

Barcelona, a city between two rivers

Municipal. Ada Colau announces the Plan Delta, a boost for the Llobregat area which complements and builds on the municipal and metropolitan action in the Besòs area.

10/01/2017 17:40

Universities, research centres and business schools are decisive for economic development

Knowledge. The Mayor has pledged to promote a shared dialogue with the aim of consolidating Barcelona as a city of universities and knowledge.

15/12/2016 16:55

Sharing transparency strategies to strengthen democracy

Transparency. The Mayor inaugurated the first international seminar on transparency by the AMB to look at questions of ethics in public management.

12/12/2016 16:14

Commitment to update the protocol for evictions

Housing. The Government of Catalonia, the High Court of Justice and Barcelona City Council have agreed to work to turn it into a tool for prevention and help for vulnerable families.

10/12/2016 22:26

Cities unite to call for refugees to be taken in

Cooperation. Over seventy European cities call for more intense and coordinated action to tackle the crisis.

05/12/2016 20:05

Mayors from Europe meet to tackle the refugee crisis

Cooperation. The summit, organised by the Vatican, is being held in Rome on 9 and 10 December.

01/12/2016 14:37

Empowering local residents to make equal and cohesive neighbourhoods

Municipal. The Neighbourhood Plan aims to strengthen the network of residents and local associations, getting citizens involved in the development and improvement of neighbourhoods.


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