12/12/2016 16:14

Commitment to update the protocol for evictions

Housing. The Government of Catalonia, the High Court of Justice and Barcelona City Council have agreed to work to turn it into a tool for prevention and help for vulnerable families.

10/12/2016 22:26

Cities unite to call for refugees to be taken in

Cooperation. Over seventy European cities call for more intense and coordinated action to tackle the crisis.

05/12/2016 20:05

Mayors from Europe meet to tackle the refugee crisis

Cooperation. The summit, organised by the Vatican, is being held in Rome on 9 and 10 December.

01/12/2016 14:37

Empowering local residents to make equal and cohesive neighbourhoods

Municipal. The Neighbourhood Plan aims to strengthen the network of residents and local associations, getting citizens involved in the development and improvement of neighbourhoods.

28/11/2016 21:57

Forty years of mobilisations by women

Feminism. The city is regaining the memory of women and looking at their role in collective struggles.

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03/11/2016 14:00

Cities call for greater powers to control tourism

Tourism. Fifteen cities are sharing experiences on managing tourism, with holiday lets in city centres as one of the main themes.

17/10/2016 12:50

Ada Colau: “This is the century of cities and the fight against inequality”

City. Speaking at the World Assembly of Cities and Local Authorities in Quito, the Mayor of Barcelona and co-president of the UCLG called for greater cooperation between administrations.

10/10/2016 09:51

Policewomen call for ‘equality and security’

International. Up until Thursday, 13 October, the city is hosting the 54th International Association of Women Police Conference, with over four hundred policewomen from all over the world in attendance.

29/09/2016 19:34

Medals of merit awarded to the City Police

Distinctions. The Mayor, Ada Colau, presided over the act which recognised the work of officers, institutions and others in providing good service to the city.

29/09/2016 16:57

Barcelona and Colombia strengthen ties in light of the peace process

Cooperation. The delegation headed by the negotiators in the conflict Henry Acosta and Lucía González met the Mayor.

14/09/2016 20:44

“Administrations must work together to prevent evictions, not to carry them out”

Evictions. The Mayor of Barcelona called for the prevention of cases such as the one where a mother with three children were evicted as they were unable to keep up rent payments to an owner with numerous properties.

11/09/2016 12:13

Wreaths at the Rafael Casanova monument

Catalan National Day. The Mayor headed the group of officials from the municipal corporation as they laid flowers at the Rafael Casanovas monument.


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