09:30 am to 10:30 am18 December

Reunión de trabajo del equipo de Alcaldia

Place: Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

14:00 pm to 15:30 pm18 December

Almuerzo de trabajo del equipo de gobierno

Place: Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

Europe must act to protect the rights and freedoms of Catalans

27 September 2017 - Democracy

In this article I am asking the EU mediation in the crisis Catalonia / Spain. It is a democratic crisis that also affects Europe:

The Catalan question has become Europe’s most serious territorial crisis in...

05/12/2017 17:14h

New terrace regulations agreed

Terraces. General consensus on drafting new regulations that are easier to understand and apply, and adapted to the real needs of...

04/12/2017 19:55h

Tighter control over vehicles for rent with drivers

Mobility. The metropolitan area is developing its own regulations to limit the number of VTC vehicles.

20/11/2017 16:17h

The opening speech for the Santa Eulàlia festivities focuses on children

Santa Eulàlia. Over 900 children from different schools in the city have been tasked by the Mayor with writing the proclamation...

03/11/2017 19:08h

Common front by world cities to combat gentrification

Housing. The City Council joins the UN to call for world cities to combine to fight property speculation.