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“Open City. Biennial for Thought”

25/07/2018 17:05h

The Government of Catalonia’s ‘debt with citizens’ is 60 million euros a year

Municipal. First meeting since July 2016 of the mixed commission for the City Council and the Government of Catalonia.

19/07/2018 16:09h

Cities against gentrification

Housing. Discussion on social and urban challenges, between the Columbia University sociologist, Saskia Sassen, and the Mayor, Ada...

16/07/2018 20:03h

Cities for Adequate Housing: a global alliance for the right to housing

City Council. The Mayor, Ada Colau, presented the declaration by municipal governments at the UN headquarters in New York.


13/07/2018 17:12h

A women’s Mercè: opening speech by Leticia Dolera and poster by Sonia Pulido

Local festivals. In the last forty years only twelve women have given opening speeches and the festival poster has only been designed...