09:30 am to 10:30 am23 April

Desayuno de Sant Jordi

Place: Palacio de la Virreina

11:00 am to 11:30 am23 April

Visita a las paradas de Rosas Solidarias

Place: Patio del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

Europe must act to protect the rights and freedoms of Catalans

27 September 2017 - Democracy

In this article I am asking the EU mediation in the crisis Catalonia / Spain. It is a democratic crisis that also affects Europe:

The Catalan question has become Europe’s most serious territorial crisis in...

12/04/2018 19:25h

Agreement to create a large public space around the Camp Nou

Urban planning. The transformation frees up 32,000 square metres for urban greenery and has been agreed on by local residents, FC...

11/04/2018 18:25h

Alliance with Ripoll to share intercultural strategies

Cooperation. The signing of a collaboration agreement will help prevent violent extremism.

09/04/2018 19:55h

Ten-year public and political agreement to reduce inequalities

Social inclusion. The strategy is based on consensus between politicians and 700 entities and aims to make Barcelona a fairer,...

19/03/2018 19:18h

Saving lives is not a crime

Cooperation. Institutional support for Proactiva Open Arms as the entity has a boat impounded in Sicily.