Commerce and Culture Year unites two of Barcelona’s most representative sectors: that of its plural and local economy, and that of its cultural creativity and initiative. Both of these are coming together to invite people to enjoy a year full of cultural activities which are both free of charge and close to home, with small commerce as a meeting point.

Commerce and Culture Year will offer the public a wide range of activities to highlight Barcelona’s magnificent cultural showcase and the historical identity of the city's retail sector. Throughout the year, there will be short dance performances performed in shop premises, old photo exhibitions of the shops we have next door, shop shutters decorated by artists, short films set in the shops in our neighbourhoods and a long list of performances and activities that will appeal to everyone.

For 12 months, from October to October (2017-2018), Barcelona will offer a continuous stream of activities that will link these two highly representative sectors of our home city. This will be the first edition of a project incorporating opera, dance, theatre, poetry recitals, literary and film contests, photographic exhibitions, sculpture and painting, guided tours, discounts for shows, that will be rolled out across all of the city’s shopping hubs throughout the year.

The goals of Commerce and Culture Year are to:

  • Promote local commerce as a model that is intrinsically linked to Barcelona’s history, a key element in guaranteeing social diversity and cohesion.
  • Strengthen the ties between culture and commerce to create bonds between people and their area, generating identity and adding value to the civic dynamics.
  • Ensure that this unique commerce is given maximum visibility, especially the elements that keep the relationship with the city’s heritage alive.
  • Provide incentives for local commerce to become involved in enhancing the city’s culture, encouraging shops to become places that provide information about and promote culture.
  • Generate the cultural community’s interest in the city’s shops as reference points, artistic locations and allies in broadening cultural audiences.

Commerce and Culture Year will create partnerships between institutions (municipal music schools, the Massana School, and so on), associations and retailers, which will also open up opportunities for future collaboration.

All the Year’s activities are free and will be taking place throughout the city’s retail network. We invite you to enjoy them!