Awards for talent and commitment to local commerce

Commerce. The Barcelona Comerç awards recognise the Bizarre Scape Room, Collell shop and the local Barcelona Betevé TV station.

Bizarre Scape Room has won the Young Talent Awardand Collell shop the most Innovative Commerce Award in the Barcelona Comerç awards 2018. Betevé received the Commitment to Commerce Award.

The 14th edition of the Barcelona Comerç [Barcelona Commerce] awards was held on 12 November 2018 with a party attended by 250 retailers, authorities and personalities linked to the world of commerce, politics and culture. The Barcelona Comerç awards recognise charismatic commercial initiatives, as well as the commitment of people, companies and institutions to local urban commerce and its defence and promotion.

The event was presided by the Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, and the President of the Government of Catalonia, Quim Torra.

Young Talent Award

The shop Bizarre Scape Room (Carrer de Blesa 24, Poble-sec) received the Young Talent in the World of Commerce Award, which is reserved for retailers under the age of 40 who have chosen local commerce as a life project.

If one of the most fashionable pastimes these days in Barcelona are escape rooms, this one is distinct because its theme focuses on local commerce, offering an adventure through an imaginary local toy shop where customers have to solve different puzzles that highlight and raise the profile of the qualities and essence of local commerce.

Innovative Commerce Award

The clothes shop Collell (Carrer del Tajo 69-71, Horta) received the most Innovative Commerce Award in recognition of its capacity to merge a traditional trade model with the spirit, trends and essence of the new 21st century commerce.

All the items in Collellare ecological and respect the environment. It only sells brands that respect nature and promote social responsibility.

They have a large social network following (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and Pinterest). Creators of synergies with young fashion talent, Collell occupies the small space of an emerging fashion designer and influencer (Vitrallet Studio), which provides the project with the desired exclusivity.

Commitment to Commerce Award
, the local TV station of Barcelona, received the Commitment to Commerce Award of the Barcelona Commerce Foundation for tirelessly working to promote, disseminate and recognise local commerce in Barcelona.

Additionally, and for the first time, Barcelona Commerce, together with Vitrines d’Europe, presented the Barcelona Commerce Commitment to European Commerce Award, which was given in the Confédération des Commerçants de France.