‘Modernisme’ and Gaudí in neighbourhood commerce

Commerce. The area around Av. Gaudí is organising activities based around ‘modernisme’ as part of Commerce and Culture Year.

The area around Av. Gaudí is linked to modernisme and two of the movement’s most iconic monuments, the Sagrada Família and the Hospital de Sant Pau. Local commerce is paying homage to modernista architecture with various initiatives such as decorations with cultural information, a postcard collection and a track game about Gaudí.

As part of the Commerce and Culture Year, this initiative offers visitors information on modernisme, the history of the neighbourhood, the life of the architects Antoni Gaudí and Lluïs Domènech i Montaner, as well as local cultural and gastronomic traditions.

Part of the project consists of recreating a modernista ambience in shops and restaurants and their window displays. This atmosphere includes elements of augmented reality with cultural information and other features and temporary decorations. These elements were designed through a competition aimed at students from design and window-dressing schools in the city.

A track game about Gaudí’s secrets has also been organised and is based on observation and deduction. This is a free activity for families with children aged 10 and over.

Finally, customers in neighbourhood shops will be given postcard collections as gifts, featuring modernista images.

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