International Archives Day

On 9 June we celebrate International Archives Day.

International Archives Day is celebrated around the world to coincide with the founding of UNESCO’s International Council on Archives, on 9 June 1948.

The purpose of this day is to explain the key role archives play as guarantors of the security and transparency of government actions, promoters of the preservation of historical memory and protectors of the right of citizens to access information and knowledge, as highlighted by the Universal Declaration on Archives, approved by UNESCO at its 36th General Conference in Paris, on 10 November 2011.

For two weeks around 9 June, the AMB organises various cultural activities, such as open days, talks, workshops and exhibitions, to make everyone aware of the city’s documentary heritage. What we want to do with these activities is give the citizens the chance to discover the archives and meet the professionals in charge of the documents they keep.

The various initiatives carried out around the world can be consulted on the website of the International Council on Archives (ICA).

For more information about the activities that will take place throughout the month of June to commemorate the INTERNATIONAL ARCHIVES DAY 2018, consult the programme.