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Anti-rumors - What do we do?

Living together without rumours and stereotypes

Who are we?

The Barcelona Anti-Rumour Strategy is a line of action of the Barcelona Interculturality Programme. It stems from the realization during the participatory process that led to the Barcelona Interculturality Plan, that one of greatest hindrances to living together in diversity is ignorance about "the other".

This ignorance often turns to fear or mistrust, and is expressed through rumours and false stereotypes.

What do we do?

We generate tools and discourses for dispelling these rumours and stereotypes, and thus to move ahead towards living together in a more intercultural and cohesive society.

How do we do it?

  • Organising awareness-raising campaigns based on a variety of formats (comics, badges, cups, guides, handbooks) and actions through websites and social media.
  • Taking action with a territorial approach, providing neighbourhoods and districts (services, public facilities, schools) with free  activities for anti-rumour awareness-raising and intercultural reflection (workshops, participatory theatre plays, debates and so on). These proposals are put together in a catalogue of activities that is renewed each year since 2012.
  • Providing free training as well, in order to share anti-rumour arguments and tools for communication with the public. People attending these training sessions become anti-rumour agents.

We work together with the Barcelona Anti-Rumour Network, that assembles over 500 member organisations and individuals.

Barcelona City Council is part of the Barcelona Anti-Rumour Network and considers it a key collaborative actor in the development of the Barcelona Anti-Rumour Strategy.

As a leading member of the Network, Barcelona City Council provides technical support, takes part in the Network's working groups, and supplies materials and funding.

For further information about the Barcelona Anti-Rumour Network, see here.

How can you contact us?

At the following e-mail address: antirumors@bcn.cat