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Inici / Training and resources - Course anti-rumor agent

Training and resources - Course anti-rumor agent

Anti-Rumour Training: "Interculturality, an answer to rumours and stereotypes"

This training course is taught by the Centre d'Estudis Africans i Interculturals, D-Cas, La Xixa Teatre and the Technical Office of the Barcelona Anti-Rumour Strategy. It is designed for people who wish to collaborate in anti-rumour action in the city by taking part in the Barcelona Anti-Rumour Network, for instance.

The main training themes are organised around reflection on the concepts of culture, diversity, stereotypes, rumours and prejudice. Also provided are tools for managing and dealing with stereotypes and rumours about cultural diversity.

This is a 20-hour course (5 training sessions of 4 hrs each) and is free-of-charge.

Find the course programme in the attached document.

If you have any doubts or need further information, send us an e-mail at  antirumors@bcn.cat