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Inici / Espai Avinyó - What do we do?

Espai Avinyó - What do we do?

Meeting point for intercultural reflection and creation

Who are we?

Espai Avinyó-Language and Culture provides a cultural activities programme in a range of formats (talks, projections, exhibitions, and so on) aimed at all publics in the city.

You'll find us at carrer Avinyó 52, or you can contact us by phone (93 412 72 24) or by e-mail (espaiavinyo @bcn.cat).

Activity was launched in March 2011 under joint promotion of City Council's Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Rights and the Consortium for Language Standardisation.

Our guiding principle is that cultural diversity is a fundamental factor of the creative and productive potentiality of the human species, a factor that enriches life together and strengthens the values of equality and respect.

This is why we foster the values of interculturality by creating opportunities for reflection, and by highlighting and valuing the creation of artists of different cultural backgrounds who interact with the city through their work.

What do we do and how do we do it?

We programme cultural activities at our centre on carrer Avinyó and at other venues and public facilities in the city.

  • We foster awareness of Barcelona's artistic diversity (music, dance, illustration, poetry, and so on) by means of concerts, recitals, exhibitions, and others.
  • We foster awareness of other cultural realities through a range of formats: cinema, photography, orality and others.
  • We foster awareness of cultural diversity free of rumours and stereotypes  by means of activities linked to the Barcelona Anti-Rumour Strategy and/or the Barcelona Anti-Rumour Network.
  • We foster conversations by means of dialogue and debate, and this sparks relationships between participants and contributes to intercultural reflection in our daily lives.

For students of Catalan at the CNL and at the Plataforma per la Llengua, and for participants of the Voluntariat per la Llengua programme, we provide:

  • Activities to promote awareness of popular and contemporary Catalan culture by taking part in festivities and other cultural expressions.
  • Activities for awareness of the city's historical and cultural sites through contact with neighbourhoods, institutions and public facilities (museums, libraries, and so on).
  • Activities from the Anti-Rumour Catalogue promoted by City Council to reinforce awareness-raising work and living together within a framework of intercultural values.

How can you contact us?

At the following e-mail address: espaiavinyo @bcn.cat