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Espai Avinyó - L'Espai's exhibitions

Catalogue of Exhibitions

Catalogue of Exhibitions, available to organisations, grassroots associations, schools and other institutions

Espai Avinyó has put together an attractive, friendly and efficient tool for intercultural awareness-raising with its exhibitions. We believe this material can be useful and suitable to other places also wanting to generate reflection on how cultural diversity enriches the city. The Catalogue of Exhibitions is made available to meet this purpose.

The catalogue of exhibitions strives to highlight interculturality through a variety of exhibitions created by the Barcelona Interculturality Programme.

Travelling exhibitions may be requested by organisations, grassroots associations, schools and other institutions aiming to promote the intercultural approach.

Travelling exhibitions aim to give all publics and neighbourhoods access to their contents and information.

Our goal is to provide this material to strategic centres (universities, high schools, foundations, community centres and libraries).

See the link to the catalogue on the right, where instructions are given for requesting available activities.