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Promoting interculturality

Promoting and supporting intercultural action in the city

Who we are:

Intercultural Projects is the line of action of the Barcelona Interculturality Programme that provides support for the development of projects promoted by organisations, grassroots associations, public facilities, City Council and city districts.

Barcelona is a city where a lot of projects and activities are developed that include an intercultural dimension. These projects are generated by:

  • The 10 city districts via their decision-making and economic management of public facilities and services, according to Barcelona's decentralisation model.
  • The city's strong fabric of civil society organisations
  • Barcelona City Council itself.

What we do:

We provide funding and technical support to intercultural projects promoted by city districts. This is the case, for instance, of support provided to:

  • Neighbour Associations Service, in the districts of Nou Barris and Sant Martí.
  • XEIX Programme, which works for the inclusion of Chinese and Pakistani shopkeepers in the network of district organisations of Eixample and Sant Antoni.
  • Do d’Acords, intercultural children’s orchestra of the Sants-Montjuïc district.
  • La Cruïlla Comuna, awareness-raising activities about cultural diversity in secondary schools of the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district.

We provide funding and technical support to the intercultural projects of organisations and grassroots associations.

  • By means of an annual line of public grant funding

We promote intercultural actions together with organisations, services and public facilities in the neighbourhoods, such as:

  • Activities with public district facilities, creating proposals with community centres, cultural centres, youth centres, and others.
  • Intercultural action in the neighbourhoods: intercultural initiatives created with social agents working in the neighbourhoods (community development plans, networks of community organisations and so on).
  • Sounds of Intercultural Barcelona: workshops organised with community centres and the UPF Phonos Foundation, in order to collectively create the sound map of the city's cultural diversity.
  • Imagine Barcelona. Intercultural Collection: aims to raise awareness and reflect on cultural diversity in high schools.
  • Rossinyol Project: through social mentoring as an educational tool, unlikely encounters take place for trust and friendship between culturally diverse teenagers (mentee) and university students (mentor).
  • Barcelona Asia Choir and Forum Theatre Workshops: proposals for cultural creation that work with the diversity of backgrounds of participants and achieve positive outcomes based on common goals.

How can you contact us?

At the following e-mail address: projectesinterculturals @bcn.cat

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