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Inici / The “Train yourself through the Network” session gathers more than 100 people

The “Train yourself through the Network” session gathers more than 100 people

A knowledge sharing session to keep on dismantling rumours and stereotypes.

On the 13th of July, the BCN Antirumours Network training team organised a meeting with associations and experts at the Casal de Entidades Mas Guinardó with the goal of going further into concepts such as the intersectional and decolonisation perspectives. The BCN Antirumours Network is composed of associations, interest groups, individual members and Barcelona City Hall, and works on dismantling rumours and stereotypes around cultural diversity.

The Train yourself through the Network” session was a gathering for knowledge sharing addressed to members of the BCN Network and to those associations and individuals interested in becoming so.

The training team, formed by  the  Easy Read Association, the Women´s Dialogues Association, CEA (Centre for African and Intercultural Studies),  EDUCO, La Tregua, FACEPA (Federation of Cultural and Education for Adults Associations, Private Foundation Trinijove, SURT Foundation, Lo Relacional, Doctors of the World, Kira Bermúdez  and Marina Raventós (antirumour agents) and the Barcelona City Hall, has tried to respond to the associations requests for new tools to fight against discriminatory speech.

The day started with an “itinerary of activisms”, where everyone could share their own experiences with activists such as Wafae Moussaoui, psychologist and feminist, Norma Falconi, member of Sindillar, Bombo N’Dir, Human Rights activist, Nadia Jabr, activist,  and Rafael Buhígas, historian and collaborator  of Feminist Roma Women for Diversity .

Afterwards, there was a reflection exercise around the key ideas that came out of the   itineraries with Florencia González, expert in Rights and Political Science and  Rosa Lázaro, teacher and  pseudo-anthropologist.

In the afternoon, the dialogue established between Mariana Olisa, a journalist specialised in Black Feminism and Ana Giménez, an anthropologist specialised in history of the Roma People, brought to light the need to decentralise the feminist view.

The Antirumours workshops, which revolved around gender, migratory movements, antigipsyism and islamophobia, were a total success, having been facilitated by associations from  the training team within the BCN Antirumours Network.

The selection of topics responds to the need for further discussion, through the help of experts,  on current affairs which have an effect into the construction of discriminatory forms of speech.

The event ended with the drawing of some clownclusions.

It is important to note the participation of Lola López, Commissioner for Immigration, Interculturality and Diversity, who praised the Network for their work during the last few years and encouraged the associations to keep on building a more and more diverse and intercultural city, free of prejudice and stereotypes.