A diverse city, a city committed to positive community life and social cohesion
Inici / The commitment to collectively creating a framework for living together

The commitment to collectively creating a framework for living together

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Who are we?

With the Barcelona Interculturality Plan as a guide, as well as other guidelines from the Immigration Work Plan for 2012-2015, Barcelona City Council promotes a set of actions for fostering interculturality. These actions are part of the Barcelona Interculturality Programme.

The Barcelona Interculturality Programme is part of the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Rights and therefore operates under Barcelona City Council's Department of Citizenship Rights, Participations and Transparency.

What do we do?

With its lines of action, the Barcelona Interculturality Programme aims to:

  • Create and promote opportunities for fostering dialogue and intercultural relations.
  • Raise awareness among citizens and work towards removing obstacles that hinder this dialogue and intercultural relations.
  • Foster knowledge of the city's cultural diversity.

Create opportunities for building shared intercultural actions and projects

How do we do it?

The Barcelona Interculturality Programme generates resources  FOR THE CITY while working WITH THE CITY by supporting the intercultural activities of organisations, services, programmes, public facilities, schools, the media, and others.

The Barcelona Interculturality Programme sees the Catalan language as an opportunity for cohesion. It therefore encourages the use and knowledge of Catalan as a common language, which coexists and is enriched by the unique linguistic diversity of Catalan society today.

Dialogue is another key aspect to the Barcelona Interculturality Programme. It is useful for offering and gathering proposals, for communicating and listening, and for transforming at the pace of the city's transformation.

As a result of this ongoing dialogue with the city, the Barcelona Interculturality Programme transforms, improves and grows.

Four main lines of action are currently in place: