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Training and resources - What we do

Formats and tools to learn how to foster intercultural living together

Wo we are

As a line of action of the Barcelona Interculturality Programme, we bring the intercultural approach to different professional and social areas in the city: organisations, public facilities, trade sectors, grassroots associations, political and labour groups, the media, the business sector...

What we do

The Barcelona Interculturality Programme provides quality training free-of-charge to raise awareness about and teach the three principles of the intercultural approach:

  • Promote genuine and effective equality of rights and obligations and social opportunities for all citizens, and foster equity by fighting against exclusion and discrimination, especially when related to cultural backgrounds and differences.
  • Promote the acknowledgement of diversity and make it visible, by valuing, respecting and benefiting from the opportunities provided by the city's socio-cultural diversity.
  • Promote positive interaction between all citizens by emphasising a shared feeling of belonging based on the common aspects that unite us, and by working towards better ways of living together in our everyday lives by encouraging contact, getting to know each other and dialogue as paths for fostering cohesion.

How we do it

This training is subject to constant growth and development; it is flexible and tailored to new profiles, neighbourhoods, sectors and areas based on the identification of training demands and specific needs.

Aside from the current anti-rumour training, which is already consolidated, a new comprehensive training programme in interculturality is now in place to consolidate the current training strategy.

Ultimately, the available training programme aims to provide answers and tools so that the intercultural approach can make its way gradually into different areas and sectors. Training also strives to be a key agent and a catalyst for better ways of living together while generating new intercultural proposals and initiatives in the city.

 The current training programme includes the following:

  • Anti-Rumour Training
  • Intercultural Training

How can you contact us?

At the following e-mail address: formaciointercultural @bcn.cat

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