Data on gender violence

One out of every five women worldwide have suffered sexual abuse as a child, and one out of every three women have suffered physical or sexual violence from their partners at some point in their lives (WHO Global status report on violence prevention 2014). 

In Europe, 62 million European women have been victims of gender violence during their lives, and one in three have experienced physical or sexual attacks (European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, 2014). 

In Spain, 44 women were murdered in 2016, and, up to 2 November 2017, 43 women had been murder victims. In 2015, this figure rose to 62 murdered women (Ministry of the Interior).

In Catalonia, over 26% of women have experienced serious gender violence during their lives, with special incidence in young women. There are also femicides every year. Up to 16 October 2017, eight women had been murdered in Catalonia. Eight women were murdered in 2016, seven in 2015, fourteen in 2014, four in 2013, thirteen in 2012 (Department of the Interior, Generalitat of Catalonia).

In this section, we aim to provide information on how this public problem affects women in this city.