Gender violence in couples

Textbook of advice prepared by PIAD for women on gender violence in couples.

CIRD's Educational resources

CIRD loans out educational displays and resources. Loans are free and for up to a month. Some of the resources are: Cyberstalking, Masculinity, Gender violence in public spaces and Prevention of Harassment in Sport.

“Let's change it” project resources

Selection of initiatives and projects from other institutions and associations on masculinity and gender have classified all the resources -documents, web pages, videos, etc.- by theme: Manuals, Masculinity, Violence, Self-healing, Caring relationships, Co-responsibility, Institutional, Participation.

Topical news on Barcelona relating to Women’s issues
Laws and other regulations
Barcelona City Council’s municipal government measures against gender violence and discrimination
Documents prepared by Barcelona City Council on Women’s issues

Other materials

Act of 2015 on effective equality between men and women
Generalitat of Catatonia's Act of 2008 on the Right of Women to Eradicate Gender Violence
Law of 2014 for guaranteeing the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and intersexual people and on eliminating homophobia, biphobia and transphobia
Spanish Law of 2004 on Integrated Measures against Gender Violence