Read other people’s experiences

Has a woman close to you been suffering from gender violence? How did you help her, what was your role?

If one of your neighbours, friends or colleagues at work has been suffering from gender violence, send us your testimony explaining your role. What did you do to support her? What feelings and challenges did you experience? Do you think it was worth it? How did she react?

Send your testimony along with your name (or alias), age and the district you live in:

Many thanks. Your experience may certainly help others to stand up to gender violence.

Anna had been going out with this guy for years. He was very friendly and nice at the beginning and got on with all the gang, but Anna's friends began to notice a change in her as time went on. She was very anxious, drank more alcohol than usual and was sometimes quite aggressive during arguments.

Sara, 34 years old
Sarrià - Sant Gervasi, Barcelona

It was night-time, I was in Plaça Reial, sitting on a step of one of the doorways closed off by a shutter, when suddenly a couple started shouting next to me. The man began to shove the women, who knocked against me, and then against the shutter. I stood up at once and put myself in front of the man to protect the women. It was instinctive, I didn’t know them at all.

Marta, 28 years old
Eixample, Barcelona

It must have been in August or September, at around 10pm or 11pm. I was at home, a second-floor flat on a very peaceful street in Sant Andreu. I heard loud shouting coming from the street, an argument, and I ran to the window. Just as I popped my head out of the window, I saw a plastic table hitting a woman’s leg and she began to scream in pain. I didn't know the injured woman but my neighbour was by her side, phoning from her mobile. Both were at the entrance door to the house she lived in, opposite mine. There was a man on the second floor of the house on a balcony who was insulting them and threatening them. I ran down to the street. There was no one else around at that time, besides the women and myself, and I remember finding that strange, because, as I said, it was normally a peaceful and quiet street and it was clear that more neighbours must have heard the shouting but hadn't gone out to help.

Jesús, 41 years old
Sant Andreu, Barcelona

I've had to retrieve written information to place myself once again in those months (2 years) during which I was put through a real ordeal. Time has fortunately erased the unpleasant memories and, after 5 years of peace and tranquillity, when I can even say I’ve let down my guard, I will happily tell you about my experience because luckily it ended well.

Marta, 36 years old
Sant Martí, Barcelona

I've got a female friend I've known all my life who's just been through gender violence and I still can’t believe it. We've got preconceptions about the sort of people who can end up in a situation like that and I’d never have imagined that she, a woman who was always strong and free, could have been subjected to all that, fearing for her life and scared to go outside. From my point of view, she wasn’t just put through physical, verbal and psychological violence from a man with drink problems. My friend has held onto and continues to hold on to certain memories that justify everything.

Pol, 34 years old
L'Eixample, Barcelona