The prevention and fight against hate speech is one of the thematic priorities and lines of action provided for under the “Barcelona City of Rights” Government Programme Measure. All manifestations of hate speech (racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, LGTBI-phobia, antiziganism, aporophobia, etc.) conceal a common denominator: rejection of and discrimination against people seen to be different. Such discrimination are the seeds which, once sown and irrigated, germinate into failures in social cohesion and problems in positive community life.

To prevent these problems, Barcelona City Council has planned several specific initiatives for preventing and fighting against discrimination and hate speech, notable among which are:

Estratègia local amb el poble gitano de Barcelona

Local Strategy with Barcelona’s Gypsy People

The Local Strategy with Barcelona’s Gypsy People is a document containing goals and initiatives for promoting inclusion, social cohesion, awareness-raising and knowledge of the Gypsy culture, through equality and non-discrimination.


Barcelona acts against Islamophobia

Faced with the threat posed by the proliferation of hate speech and discrimination against the Muslim population, on January 2017 Barcelona City Council approved a measure related to the Municipal Plan Against Islamophobia. This is a shock plan containing some thirty measures and actions, which follows on from other initiatives already taken such as the event “Action against Islamophobia: proposals to combat discrimination today”.


Hate speech on social networks: state of the issue

Situation report, dated 12 December 2016, on hate speech in social networks, with a diagnosis of the problem, the restriction of hate speech: the nature of the dilemma between freedom of expression and the repression of hate speech, valuations and extra-legal strategies for fighting against hate speech in social networks.


Hate speech on social networks

Executive summary.

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#BCNvsOdi: programme

Programme of the International Conference #BCNvsOdi: strategies for combatting intolerance in social networks, which will be held in Barcelona on 2 and 3 March 2017 at the Barcelona Centre for Contemporary Culture (CCCB).

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BCN Anti-rumour Network Action Plan for 2016-2020

The BCN Anti-Rumour Network is working to debunk rumours, prejudices and stereotypes about cultural diversity in Barcelona. It is a network made up of over one thousand members: individuals, associations, entities and Barcelona City Council, operating through programmes, services and municipal facilities, and open to everyone.

Pla Municipal LGTBI

Municipal Plan for the LGTBI Collective

This Plan constitutes Barcelona City Council’s main action tool for promoting perspectives on sexual and gender diversity and for eradicating inequalities and violence that arise from sexual orientation, gender identity and differences in sexual development.

BCN Acció Intercultural

BCN Intercultural Action

Barcelona, a diverse city, a city committed to positive community life and social cohesion. With the BCN Interculturality Plan providing the guidelines, and incorporating other directives from the 2012-2015 Plan for Work on Immigration, Barcelona City Council is promoting a series of measures to foster interculturality. These measures converge in the BCN Interculturality Programme.


Anti-rumour Network

We act jointly and through cooperation to eradicate rumours and stereotypes that can create discriminatory and racist attitudes and therefore put obstacles in the way of positive and intercultural community life between people of various cultures.


“Això (no) és real” [This is (not) real] exhibition

The “Això (no) és real” [This is (not) real] exhibition aims, by means of examples, data and reflections, to foster an attentive, critical understanding of how cultural diversity is presented in the media.


Practical guide for anti-rumour officers

How to fight against rumours and stereotypes over cultural diversity in Barcelona. This guide is a tool for reflection and the development of skills and attitudes that help to raise awareness of discrimination and fight against it, with the aim of debunking rumours and stereotypes about cultural diversity.


Anti-Rumor Activities Catalogue

A commitment to intercultural inclusion. This initiative forms part of the implementation of the “Barcelona Interculturality Plan”. Its goal is to offer activities that raise awareness and promote community education in order to debunk and reflect on the rumors, prejudices and stereotypes that impede intercultural coexistence and social cohesion.

Manual antirumors

Anti-Rumor Handbook

Objective and up-to-date data, as well as solid arguments, are key tools for anti-rumour action. Below you can download sets of arguments that address specific areas affected by rumours and stereotypes about cultural diversity.


Office for NON-Discrimination

A service offered by the Area of Citizen Rights, Participation and Transparency at Barcelona City Council to promote human rights, ensure equality for all citizens and fight against any form of discrimination.


Municipal Council for Gays, Lesbians and Transsexuals

The Municipal Council for Gays, Lesbians and Transsexuals is an advisory and sectoral participatory body established on 22 July 2004, for the purposes of fostering equal rights, freedom and social recognition of gays, lesbians and transsexuals.


Religious Affairs Office

A service offered by the Area of Citizen Rights, Participation and Transparency at Barcelona City Council to ensure freedom of conscience and religion. It works to ensure all views on life, religious and non-religious, are recognised and respected.