Thematic cycles

Any Panikkar

This year marks the centenary of the birth of the philosopher and theologian Raimon Panikkar i Alemany (Barcelona, 1918 - Tavertet, 2010). The author of some eighty works, he was a key figure for dialogue between cultures and religions.

We will be speaking in this series of three talks about his work, complex identity and inter-religious dialogue.

In collaboration with Office for Religious Affairs. Department of Citizen Rights and Diversity at Barcelona City Council.


1968: the year that shook the world

April-May 2018

1968 is forged in everyone's memory as a groundbreaking year, associated with an unprecedented mobilization whose most famous iconic reference is the French May ‘68. 1968 is also a complex phenomenon encompassing processes that occur in various parts of the world, with different key actors and consequences.

In this programme, we attempt to portray its significance as a historical process of a global nature.

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Programme coordinated by Paola Lo Cascio

In collaboration with:

University of Barcelona

CEHI. Centre d’Estudis Històrics Internacionals


Travel and film

May-July 2018

We're proposing film as a means of travel, with works that have recreated trips or are set in different parts of the world. In this way we will approach the different destinations and countries through the perspective and knowledge of film-loving travellers.

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In collaboration with:

Guia, llibreria de viatges


Visions of Science.  Urban agriculture and food waste

April-June 2018

Urban agriculture is a growing phenomenon. It promotes biodiversity, creates microclimates in the city, facilitates a healthier diet and can also reduce food waste. Everything will be revealed in this programme.

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Coordinated by Lluís Reales

In collaboration with: