Barcelona's libraries offer a wide range of collections in every field of knowledge. Besides the basic collections common to all libraries, there are also specialist collections on a particular subject.

Each library also has documents that refer to its district, neighbourhood and local authors as well as the author(s) it is named after.

Newspaper and magazine areas keep copies of daily newspapers and magazines on a whole range of subjects, including art, cinema, cooking, history, information and opinion, leisure, home and health. You can ask to take these out on loan.

The libraries' children's areas offer books for fun reading and learning. Lots of libraries also have a parents' corner, for any parent with children aged between 0 and 13, and a teachers' corner, where teachers can find classroom and activity resources and suggestions for their daily educational work.

Some libraries also offer videogames: computer games on CD-ROM, as well as Xbox, PlayStation, Wii and Nintendo games.

Many libraries have a welcome area for new arrivals, with information on the most common items and procedures, associations, schooling, health and other topics that may be of interest on the city and the community.

The collective catalogue lets you consult all the available books in the libraries, find out about new developments and features and request a purchase where you feel that books of general interest are lacking.