You can collaborate with your library!

Fancy collaborating with your Library? Here's how you do it.

By buying a Biblioteques de Barcelona bag or mug or buying and so giving a second life to library documents that are no longer used. All proceeds from the sale of these products will go towards the purchase of new documents for the library.

You can help the elderly or people with reduced mobility by collaborating as a volunteer and taking part in the home-delivery service or reading out favourite books to people. You can also take part in other projects with children, immigrants, etc. Such a solidarity gesture on your part can give others an opportunity they would not otherwise have for reading and using libraries.

As a voluntee you can take part in projects with children, immigrants, elderly, etc.

Buy this bag and you'll not only be able to fill it with all the documents you take out on loan

There are books that are now past their shelf life in the Library but which may still be of use to you