Going online

To boost ICT access, Barcelona's libraries are providing users with Multimedia Spaces, Internet and Wi-Fi connection resources.

  • If you have your own device

Every library in Barcelona has a Wi-Fi service. Through this service, any user with a library card and a portable device (laptop, personal digital agenda, or PDA, 3rd generation mobile phone, MAC laptop, etc.) can go online.

To be able to use this service users must have a correctly configured internet card and a library card available, as the number and PIN will provide the validation for going online.

  • With library computers

Every library in Barcelona provides computers with free online access. Users only need a library card to book one for use. Bookings remain valid up to 10 minutes after their set times have started, following which any unused booked session expires and frees the terminal.

Libraries are equipped with "Internet i +" service computers, with 30-minute and 60-minute sessions, some of which also offer the Multimedia Spaces service, with 60-minute sessions.

Users have 20 online sessions available to them per month and 32 Multimedia Spaces; each time a user makes use of a computer, they use up one of these 20 sessions. Sessions start on the dot, with users warned when their sessions have only a few minutes left.

There are also 10-minute-session computers that cannot be booked but which do not use up any of the 20 sessions allocated to users.