ICT courses and workshops

Multimedia Spaces centre their activities on a programme of digital literacy courses and workshops.

These allow users to get started in IT, digital photography, office software, freeware, creating blogs, social media networks and so on, as well as to learn how to use smartphones and tablets. You can download the training sessions' support materials.

Training is also carried out in collaboration with other institutions.

Anyone wishing to sign up for these courses or workshops must have a library card and may enrol either online or in person at the library. The enrolment period at all Barcelona libraries starts on the 15th of the previous month.

Ten libraries of Barcelona are an Antenes Cibernàrium, some spaces where you will be able to initiate yourselves and be able to advance in your knowledge of internet and of the several tools technological.

ICT workshops, where you can start learning about the internet and the various ICT tools from scratch