Specialist collections

In addition to the basic collections, common to all libraries, there are others devoted to a specific theme. These are the specialist collections, some of which focus on music.

This library specialises in urban music, which is music from our times that is played here and now. It offers a unique specialist music collection and a collection of demos recorded on the 1980s Barcelona music scene.

The library's opera-interest centre was set up following an initial donation from a user and by making the most of its proximity to the Gran Teatre del Liceu. This bibliographical collection is currently added to periodically through the purchase of music DVDs, CDs, books and scores.

For some years now the library has had a separate space for Spanish pop and Spanish and Catalan rock CDs.

This interest centre was set up in 2006 as a support for the ongoing cycle of talks on opera given in the library since 2002, entitled the Clarà Library Opera Club. Ever since then, the library has been acquiring opera material, both in book and audiovisual formats.

Music with popular roots such as jazz and blues plays an important role in the city's music programme on a daily basis. The library has a collection of specialist CDs, DVDs and books with the aim of promoting Afro-American music.

The library sees popular and traditional culture as living rather than static, which is why, besides providing information on popular and traditional dances, musical instruments and traditional music, etc., it also makes room for new expressions or variants of current forms.

The library has been keeping an up-to-date collection specialising in flamenco music since 2003. It offers users a wide selection of material so they can listen to, watch, experience, read and learn about the art of flamenco as fully as possible.

There are more than six-hundred works in the library's collection of original soundtracks. These works are selected on the basis of two main criteria: they either come from films in the library's collection or they are important for their quality or composer.