Lending services

You can borrow books, CDs, movies, etc. from your own and other libraries, both as an individual and as a member of an entity.

The loan service is free. Your Barcelona library cards will let you take out up to 30 items on loan from any network library for 30 days.

The inter-library service is free between Barcelona city libraries.

The loans and home-reading service is available to everyone with temporary or permanent mobility problems.

By using these self-service machines, it is users themselves who will be in charge of borrowing and returning items.

A home loans and reading service for the elderly and people with reduced mobility.

Barcelona's libraries can get you books and magazines from other libraries in the Barcelona Provincial Council Municipal Library Network.

Library users can use the catalogue to renew the items they have out on loan without having to travel to the library.

By phone and email uou may make reservations for any items, available or out on loan. You may only make online reservations for items out on loan.