A car-free Plaça de Sant Miquel for local residents

Neighbourhood Plan. Plaça de Sant Miquel is to be turned into a car-free area, giving local residents in the Gòtic neighbourhood more priority and adding more greenery and meeting places.

The long-standing demand to pedestrianise Plaça de Sant Miquel is to become a reality. The square, just off Plaça de Sant Jaume, will be closed to cars and get more greenery and a larger play area.

A pilot project is to start in June, informing local residents in the Gòtic neighbourhood about the transformation of Plaça de Sant Miquel and testing new uses ahead of the revamp to the square in 2019.

The budget for the new square is one million euros, which will be invested in a larger play area for young children; a rest area with more benches and trees; more green spaces and a multi-purpose zone for neighbourhood events and activities.

In order to give local residents priority, parking places for cars and motorbikes are to be eliminated, the loading and unloading area for goods will be repositioned and the Bicing station shifted to C/ Gegants.

The design for the revamped Plaça de Sant Miquel is part of the Neighbourhood Plan for Raval Sud and Gòtic Sud, with different groups and entities from the Gòtic neighbourhood helping to rethink future uses for the square. Work gets under way early in 2019 and should conclude in July of the same year.


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