A hundred public works projects to improve the city

Urban planning. Minor works are planned which benefit people’s daily lives, as well as major works such as the transformation of Av. Meridiana, starting on 2 July.

Over the next few months, 92 public works projects will be carried out around the city’s ten districts, improving public spaces, services and infrastructures. Over half of the projects are small or medium-scale works adding social value and benefitting people’s daily lives. Major works are also to be carried out, such as the project starting on 2 July to transform Av. Meridiana into a more pleasant avenue.

The bulk of summer works projects, 52 in all, come within the context of the Integrated Renovation Plan and the Neighbourhood Plan. These are small or medium-scale improvements to mobility, road safety, roads and pavements, accessibility, urban services, urban furniture and greenery, distributed across the city’s 73 neighbourhoods.

One of the most important big projects is the transformation of Av. Meridiana between C/ Independència and C/ Mallorca, starting on 2 July. The section will be widened for pedestrians and get rest areas, green areas and segregated bike lanes. The project will also connect the adjacent neighbourhoods, currently split by the avenue.

Summer work will also mean progress with the urban park in Plaça de les Glòries. Specifically, work will focus on the large clearing there, a green space of over 45,000 square metres for local residents which should be ready in March 2019. At the same time, work continues on the road tunnels which will carry the traffic from the Gran Via and which should open in 2021.

Public works in the city intensify in the summer as it’s when mobility and public activity lessens and the impact on people’s daily lives is not as great.

Regaining public space for local residents

The 92 projects planned for this summer practically double the number carried out last year and include work in various streets, infrastructures and services, as well as new paving for more than 37,000 square metres of public space.

The street calming project for Gran de Sant Andreu includes transforming the street with curbless paving, slower traffic speeds and more greenery, prioritising pedestrians and bicycles and favouring local commerce. The remodelling project in Av. Príncep d’Astúries also continues, regaining space for pedestrians and enhancing connections between Gràcia and Sant Gervasi.

Work to cover the Ronda de Dalt also continues, and the emergency exits for the AVE Sants-Sagrera tunnel will also be started in C/ Mallorca. Likewise, improvements will be made in Via Laietana as a prelude to the overall revamp for the street, as well as at the junctions of the Sant Antonia super block and in other spots.

New bike lanes for a more connected network

The roll-out of the cycling network continues with five new bike lanes: Ronda Sant Pere, Onze de Setembre – Fabra i Puig, Plaça de Pius XII, Carrer de Mineria and the connection between Av. Rio de Janeiro and Passeig de Santa Coloma.

Work will also continue to get the bike lanes ready in Carrer de Dublin, Parc Logístic and Carrer 2 in the Zona Franca.

A more accessible city

The summer sees work continue to facilitate access to public transport for people with reduced mobility, with the Jaume I and Vallcarca metro stations being adapted along with the Torre Baró RENFE station.

Access to neighbourhoods in the upper part of the city are also to be improved, with work being done on escalators and lifts in the districts of Horta-Guinardó and Sants-Montjuïc.

Three new dog areas

The roll-out of the new recreational areas for dogs in the city continues over the next few months, with three new spaces in Can Dragó, Alfons Comín and Virrei Amat. The aim is for all districts to have a large area of at least 700 square metres.

This summer also sees the return of the dog area at the Llevant beach, a fenced area totalling 1,250 square metres and with a capacity for 100 dogs, which must have ID microchips to enable them to be identified.


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