Cycling along Gran Via and Travessera de Gràcia to Avinguda Meridiana

Mobilitat. Five bike lanes are coming into service, notable among which are the first section along the Eixample route and the doublé Sant Antoni Maria Claret – Indústria axis.

L'objectiu és cosir la ciutat en bicicleta a través d'eixos pedalables. Coincidint amb el final de l'any, els i les ciclistes disposen de 7,2 nous quilòmetres de carril bici, amb dues novetats destacades: l'eix Sant Antoni Maria Claret - Indústria, que uneix la travessera de Gràcia amb l'avinguda Meridiana, i a la Gran Via, on ja funciona el primer tram sobre la calçada, entre Vilamarí i Aribau.

One of the main goals highlighted under the municipal bicycle strategy is mobility on two wheels through the entire city, being able to go anywhere by bicycle and doing so safely, in harmony with vehicles and pedestrians, respecting everyone’s space. Appropriate signage, new traffic-light regulations, bike lanes on roads to free up pavements and traffic-calming areas are just a few of the measures for drawing up horizontal and vertical cyclist axes, to create a true cyclist network and promote a healthier and more sustainable network not just for individuals but for local residents too.

The Sant Antoni Maria Claret – Indústria axis, which links Travessera de Gràcia and Avinguda Meridiana, runs along an uninterrupted route through areas that are difficult to negotiate for cyclists. These are two one-way lanes that join up at Carrer de Biscaia and end at Avinguda Meridiana.

The other major new development, the Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes axis, long called for by cyclists, is finally being consolidated and installed along the sides of Gran Via following the magnificent reception of the provisional lane put up last year to mark the Three Kings’ Fair. The first open section is the one along the stretch between Carrer de Vilamarí and Carrer d’Aribau.

The total length of these two axes plus the ones listed below comes to 7.2 km of lanes:

  • Josep Carner – Portal de la Pau (Ciutat Vella): 450 metres of two-way bike lanes along the centre of the road to join up Paral·lel and the Rambla.
  • Stage 1 on Carrer de Ganduxer (Sarrià – Sant Gervasi): 1.82 km of one-way lanes to join up Diagonal with Passeig de la Bonanova.
  • Garcilaso – Olesa (Sant Andreu): 710 metres of two-way bike lanes bringing continuity to the existing lane along Carrer Garcilaso and linking it to the lower side of Avinguda Meridiana and Plaça de Maragall.
  • Work finished during the final quarter of 2017:
  • Sardenya – Ramon Trias Fargas axis, between Provença and Salvador Espriu.
  • Dr. Fleming.
  • Degà Bahí.
  • Berlín – París – Londres axis, with open sections along Carrer de París and Carrer de Londres.
  • Section of Carrer Esteve Terradas along the Vallcarca – Esteve Terradas axis.
  • Stage 1 Rio de Janeiro.
  • Taulat (between Badajoz and Selva de Mar).
  • Work in progress:
  • Sardenya – Ramon Trias Fargas axis, between Provença and Camèlies.
  • Vallcarca – Esteve Terradas axis, work in progress on Avinguda de Vallcarca.
  • Gran Capità – Carreras.
  • Link to Esplugues de Llobregat at the end of Diagonal.
  • Taulat, work in progress up to Plaça de Llevant.
  • Navas de Tolosa – Bilbao – Jonquera axis.
  • Av. Reina Maria Cristina.
  • Pau Casals – Bori i Fontestà axis.

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