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Mobility. The candidacy with the best overall score out of the six projects competing was ‘Pedalem Barcelona’, a joint venture between Cespa and PBSC.

The plenary commission to be held on 5 December will vote whether to award to the Bicing contract to ‘Pedalem Barcelona’, a joint venture between Cespa and PBSC. The project achieved the best overall score out of six candidates in a tendering process which looked at a combination of technical and economic considerations.

If approved, a fifteen day period must elapse between the official publication of the decision and the formal signing of the Bicing contract for the next ten years.

The awarding of the new contract forms part of the municipal strategy to boost sustainable mobility, particularly the use of bicycles. The Urban Mobility Plan 2013-2018 includes an expansion of the bike lane network by over 80 km, 20 km of which will be operative before the year is out.

The bicycles being proposed by ‘Pedalem Barcelona’ stand out for their new improved design and performance, with lighter aluminium frames, drum brakes on the front wheels and disc brakes on the back wheels, 26 inch wheels and better lights. The number of electric bicycles will also be tripled, rising from 300 to 1,000, with a corresponding increase in the number of Bicing stations offering both types.

New features are also planned which should enhance user experience, such as advanced booking (5 minutes) of bikes, pricing distinctions between annual or periodic use of the service and improvements to bike distribution around Bicing stations.


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