The bike lane network is growing with the introduction of five new lanes

Mobility. The length of bike lanes covering the city has increased by 21% over the last two years, progressing from 116 to 141 kilometres.

The total distance of bike lanes covering the city has increased by 21% over the last two years, progressing from 116 to 141 kilometres. The goal is to triple the amount of bike lanes in the city with the objective of boosting the use of sustainable transport. Five new lanes will open in April, and further five are expected to be installed between May and July.

The five new bicycle lanes, totalling an additional 3.6km, will open in April. These are part of a new initiative to improve connections across the bicycle network with the aim of having uninterrupted routes from the sea to the mountain and throughout the area from Llobregat to Besòs.

The bike lanes opening in April include:

— Carrer Ramon Turró (between Rambla Poblenou and carrer Selva de Mar).

— Carrer Selva de Mar (between carrer Pere IV and gran via de les Corts Catalanes).

— Carrer Sant Adrià (between carrer Ferran Junoy and carrer Ciutat d’Asunción).

— Carrer Ciutat d’Asunción (between carrer São Paulo and carrer Sant Adrià).

— Carrer Cartagena (between carrer Consell de Cent and travessera de Gràcia).

For the bike lane in carrer Cartagena, a pilot project was conducted which incorporates a new design concept at the point where the carrer Provença and Consell de Cent bicycle lanes meet. Here, waiting areas have been implemented with the aim of making cyclist’s manoeuvres and turns safer and easier. This design resulted from input provided by the bicycle work group of the Mobility Pact, which handles all matters related to this mode of transport and includes the Manual for Barcelona’s Bike Lanes.

In addition, the implementation of five more stretches of bike lane in currently under way, already at an advanced stage, and this work is expected to be completed between May and July. These sections will add a further 7.6 km, seven of which are located within the municipality of Barcelona.

Meanwhile, contracts are being drawn up to implement a total of 62.5 kilometres of bike lanes in the city, with construction commencing throughout the year. “We want to achieve the right road conditions so that the number of bikes in the city can increase, in a safe way without interfering in other modes of transport,” said the Councillor for Mobility, Mercedes Vidal, during a presentation about the five lanes that will be inaugurated in April.

Since the mandate was introduced, the number of kilometres of bike lanes in Barcelona has increased by 21%, going from 116 to 141 km. The city government is working continuously to achieve the target of 308km.

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