Traffic calming in Ronda de Sant Antoni

Urban planning. The revamp to the street is part of the broader project being developed around the Mercat de Sant Antoni.

Now that the Mercat de Sant Antoni is open, the provisional structures in the street will be dismantled. In September, work will begin to turn the street into a new thoroughfare with wider pavements, a two-way bike lane and one traffic lane in each direction, giving more importance to pedestrians, bicycles and public transport.

Work in Ronda de Sant Antoni will be carried out in two stages: firstly, between C/ Comte d’Urgell and C/ Floridablanca, and secondly, from C/ Floridablance to Pl. Universitat. The first stage gets under way in September, once the temporary structures from the provisional market are removed, and will take eight months, concluding in May. The second section, between C/ Floridablanca and Pl. Universitat, will be carried out during the next term of office. Local residents were involved in defining the renovation project, taking part in various working sessions to include their proposals and requests.

The sum of 5.6 million euros will be invested in widening the pavements, reducing traffic circulation to one lane in each direction and establishing a two-way bike lane in the centre of the street.

The goal of the City Council is to prioritise pedestrians and sustainable mobility. The revamp to the street comes within the context of the work being done around the  Mercat de Sant Antoni, which opened at the weekend, the superblock layout being implemented there and the future Ronda de Sant Antoni.


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