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Despite the fact that the Fire Brigade has always been associated with fire extinguishing, it also performs a wide range of other operations, from helping people in danger or who are trapped (collapses, traffic accidents etc.) to rescuing animals or acting in the event of leakage.

Moreover, we have always placed emphasis on accident avoidance which could have serious consequences for people. In order to give continuity to the task of prevention we have emphasised the Fire Brigade's inspection duties as well as the training and information given to individuals and groups.

Our function can be summarised in the following points:

  • Prevention through inspection and investigation, producing studies and reports on risk avoidance, all in accordance with the Regulations and other rules that currently apply.
  • Attending to saving individuals and goods in the event of fire and any form of accident.
  • Informing and passing on knowledge of situations to avoid any type of accident or risk.
  • Performing technical assistance and operations in accordance with the different specialisations of the Service that have been assigned or requested, in accordance with the directives from the Mayor's office.

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