Fabra i Coats Centre d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona is a multidisciplinar institution that has the aim of producing, disseminating and exhibiting contemporary art projects. It is a space of dialogue and experimentation adressed to all audiences. It aims to develop proposals beyond the big museum structures and to work with creatives from different contexts and generations, languages and disciplines. It does not have a collection.

The Art Center presents the works of artists from the local and international art scene and creates spaces of collaboration with the "Creative Factories", the universities, the art faculties, the galleries, the rest of Catalonian art centres and institutions from all over the world.

It is located on the front wing of the old textile factory Fabra i Coats, at Sant Andreu district. It occupies a space of four floors that conform 2.450m2 dedicated to exhibitions and activities together with the auditorium, the offices, the workshops and the social spaces located at the "creative factory".

Installation of the new ceramic façade in the Centre d'Art Contemporani
​(Video by: Entre TV- Hugo Barbosa)