The Fabra i Coats Contemporary Art Centre of Barcelona (CACBA) is dedicated to the research, production, exhibition and dissemination of contemporary artistic practices. Focusing on the promotion of artistic production developed in our city and country, and at the same time open to the international scene, the Contemporary Art Centre of Barcelona’s main mission is to drive current visual arts, research new creative languages, open up to interdisciplinary fields and develop mediation policies with the local area and society.

The Contemporary Art Centre of Barcelona is a space for artistic research, development and innovation that aspires to provide, through its work, a possible answer to the question of the cultural and social role of local contemporary art centres in the 21st century. Located in the front wing of the old Fabra i Coats textile factory, in the district of Sant Andreu, the centre occupies three floors, each measuring 450 sq. m., with a total of 1,350 sq. m. dedicated mainly to exhibitions and public activities. There is also 1,018 sq. m. of currently unused space, as well as an area for services and that occupied by the Fabra i Coats Art Factory, located in the same building.

The Contemporary Art Centre of Barcelona’s neighbours and collaborators include other cultural and social facilities in the complex, such as Ateneu L’Harmonia, the Ignasi Iglèsias - Can Fabra Library, the Barcelona City History Museum and Espai Josep Bota, among others.


Installation of the new ceramic façade in the Centre d'Art Contemporani
​(Video by: Entre TV- Hugo Barbosa)