Visiting the market keeps your neighbourhood alive
2 December, 2016 - 18:00 to 20:00

Sant Andreu de Palomar Market

Plaza de El Mercadal, 41. Barcelona

With the collaboration of: Barcelona Municipal Institute of Markets (IMMB), Sant Andreu de Palomar Market trade associations and Sant Andreu Commercial Hub.

Coordinated and produced by: Living In-between-, Fabra i Coats Art Centre of Barcelona +

Sant Andreu de Palomar Market trade associations.

The Fabra i Coats Art Centre's proximity work is based, among other areas, on local commerce and neighbourhood models and also on community memories. At the Art Centre there is also an exhibition of the San Roque Market in Quito, which gave visibility to this market and to the battle for a sustainable city model that lasted for 5 years.

On 2 December, in conjunction with the Sant Andreu neighbourhood festival, the Sant Andreu de Palomar Market will celebrate its traditional hot chocolate feast. In collaboration with this event, a participation project is proposed in the market to reveal the history and memories of locals about the market and commercial area. Local markets are very important community and social spaces that mark the lives of local people and the neighbourhood. The Sant Andreu Market will be refurbished next year and the stalls will be set up on temporary premises next to Fabra i Coats. Due to this market remodelling, it is important to recover its community value and show the relationship it has with the form of commerce, neighbourhoods and life in the city.

During the chocolatada there will be a space for capturing memories and a small exhibition of materials from the San Roque Market in Quito that are on display at the Art Centre. In the community work space we will interview people and gather and display memories and stories of the market and of local commerce in Sant Andreu. All of the materials gathered will be scanned and exhibited in the market as a point of popular memory about the market and local commerce until Christmas.