Meetup and Aperitif: Overflow Culture in Barcelona

17 September, 2016 - 11:00 to 13:30

Place: Floor 1, as part of the Overflow Culture programme. Back workshop space

Session open to all members of the public. An aperitif will be offered at the end.

imatge activitat  vermut desbordes de la cultura

The Overflow Culture Barcelona interdisciplinary and collaborative research working group, developed within the framework of the #Living In-between project, is offering a meetup and aperitif session to socialise its first results and invite people to participate in its work on other histories of the culture and metropolis of Barcelona.

The group has been working as a research group since mid-May, through closed-door collaborative session. It is formed by different people from networks and venues such as Artibarri, Ateneu 9barris and La Ciutat Invisible and visual artists. Over these months it has worked on different interrelated core themes such as the city’s history, popular education, community action and grassroots culture. During this session the various sketches and narratives constructed so far will be shown and dialogue held with them; in addition, genealogies will be composed along with other forms of narrating and describing the city’s culture, in a way that means that each participant will also be able to contribute to these histories.