Living In-between aims to be a device that activates the Fabra i Coats - Contemporary Art Centre as a creator and catalyst of interactions between contemporary artistic practices and other social spaces. It intends to be a mechanism that reflects and responds to the emergence of new ways of making and of rethinking the institutions, and that understands artistic practices and collective processes as essential instruments with which to activate transforming strategies that have a bearing on both the cultural ecosystem and on the social context into which they are inserted.

It is a proposal that means collectively inhabiting a space, crossed by the transit between the past of the textile factory and the current art centre model, and that also aims to point towards forms of institutionality in culture with complex and systemic structures. The programme wants to pose the question in a critical way, from forms of working that combine research processes with production, archiving, mediation, participation or debate, and at the same time it proposes to amplify them through the activation of networks and the socialisation of contents and experiences.

2016 to 2017
Portada Fase 2
Portada FASE 1
Mediations / processes