Residencies FiC-ProdArt'19

Dates: 28 June to 21 July 2019
Exhibition Opening: Thursday 27 June, 19.00
Where: Espai Zero

The exhibition presents the results of the work carried out by post-graduate students on the Master’s in Production and Artistic Research at the University of Barcelona, as part of the Art and Intermedia Contexts specialisation. The intermediary nature is especially underscored through multidisciplinary experimental lines, artistic practices in continuous expansion and research processes that regenerate the arts.


Here we've found a place to think

Dates: 12 April to 30 June 2019
Exhibition Opening: Thursday 11 April, 18.00 to 20.00
Where: 1st and 2nd Floor

Since 2009, Artists iN RESiDENCE at the Schools of Barcelona has created shared work spaces for artists, students and teachers at secondary education state schools. Over the period of a school year and in school time, artists from different disciplines and generations develop an artistic project, from its conception to its realisation, together with a group of young people. They share the creation.

The creation is searching, researching, experimenting, testing, trying; opening up to unusual perspectives; the possibility of questioning what is believed to be obvious; continuous dialogue; movement that encourages learning, suggesting, testing, risking, committing.

The creation is a place for thinking. As is the school, which is as it should be. For this reason, when they meet, they broaden their horizons and grow mutually. Students, artists and teachers take action: challenging art and education institutes; questioning established ideas; exploring and rediscovering neighbourhoods and the city; making memories and experiences emerge; experimenting with sound and materials; putting their bodies into play; trying out words to say and express.