Art and Classroom. Processes and Connections

Dates: 15 to 31 March 2019 
Exhibition Opening: Thursday 14 March, at 19.00
Where: Espai Zero

Curators: Ester Rovira / ​Lluís Vallvé

Art is life and life, transformation, said Fregoli. What’s more, art is freedom, a necessity, it is a NO-limit that throws up uncomfortable questions and generates thought, attitude: a stance. Art is an internal and cultural dialogue that refers to much larger contextual settings, such as personal and cultural identity, family, community, politics and nationality. It is, to a large extent, an obligation in society because it challenges, it obliges us to question ourselves and, in short, it makes us better people.

Contemporary art is distinguished by its lack of a uniform, organising and ideological principle and these characteristics give it an undeniable ability to decode plastic methodologies, enrich cultural strata, question rigid dynamics and reveal favourable environments for new thought.

This exhibition presents the work carried out through two education programmes developed with seven schools in Barcelona during the 2017-2018 school year. For both, art is the great catalyst.