Areas of responsibility

  • Promotion of the protection and defence of the political rights of citizens.
  • Direct support for citizens on matters which affect their relationship with the City Council in particular, and also with other institutions in general.
  • Enable access to municipal information and actively promote services and public policy by the City Council in favour of citizens' participation in the democratic control and action of government.
  • Foster the active involvement of citizens in the process of creating, executing and evaluating public policy.
  • Collaborate in the creation of community networks to strengthen citizens' capacity to play an active part in collective affairs.

Subject areas

  • Active participation and democracy
  • Territorial coordination. Districts
  • Citizen and diversity rights
  • Transparency
  • Immigrant care and reception
  • Feminism and LGBTI
  • Sport
  • Community action
  • Refugi City
  • Decidim Barcelona


Political organisation chart
Third Deputy Mayor
Jaume Asens Llodrà Organisation chart

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