Pakistani commerce in Raval

Wednesday, 19 July, 2017 - 09:14

Commerce. The results of an analysis of Pakistani commerce carried out by Barcelona City Council and Barcelona Activa under the Ciutat Vella Economic Development Plan will be presented at 2 pm on Tuesday 25 July, the Casal de Barri Folch i Torres.

Presentation of an exhaustive analysis of the Pakistani community's commercial activity that cuts through stereotypes.

The purpose of the study is to raise people’s awareness about the community and counter the rumours that have spread in recent years with the growth in the number of the community’s shops. It is based on a survey of the businesses, collecting information from 100 establishments and conducting interviews with key figures: business people, workers and Pakistani women. The study puts the Pakistani community in the context of Barcelona and the Raval neighbourhood, focusing on the causes of this diaspora and its demographic characteristics, highlighting the community’s organisation, employment patterns and the arrival of Pakistani women.

It offers an X-ray of the shops with data on their age, customers and suppliers, as well as the various legal structures and ownership of the premises. It also provides informative profiles   on workers and business people , including how long they have been here, where they are from and which neighbourhood they live in.

Finally the study makes a number of recommendations and proposals for promoting local commerce and commercial associations in order to foster the Pakistani community’s involvement in the area. These proposals are intended to enhance the community’s involvement in the neighbourhood’s commercial fabric, in terms of financial promotion and fostering commercial associations, as well as community action.

In order to foster local commerce and commercial associations, the study proposes providing advice and information, including diversity in the organisation and communication of associations, creating meeting and networking spaces, working on anti-rumour strategies and promoting a positive image of these businesses.