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I am delighted to write to you as the Councillor for Commerce and Markets, a post I was appointed to on 26 May this year. It is a genuine honour for me to be able to work for Barcelona in these two areas, where I hope to contribute towards building a city that everyone can be proud of.

We all know we have plenty of joint challenges ahead and lots of work to do. As Barcelona's municipal government we are committed to revitalising our city's economy so it can benefit every neighbourhood and city resident; a goal that will only be possible if we can count on involvement from the commercial sector and municipal markets.

We need Barcelona's commerce and municipal markets to be true economic power houses and creators of quality jobs and to continue helping to improve social cohesion and positive community life, the quality of public spaces, the sustainability of our transport system and the safety of our neighbourhoods. To ensure all that, we are committed to championing and boosting Barcelona's local commerce model and so provide an appropriate response to the important challenges that lie ahead. We know, for example, that online sales, globalisation, tourism, single commercial crops and new consumer habits are phenomena which, depending on how we tackle them, can be part of the problem or solution to Barcelona's commerce. We wish to work with all the players involved so they can become part of the best solution.

Here at the Councillor's Office for Commerce and Markets we are offering dialogue and determination to achieve the broadest consensus possible and promote local commerce while boosting its competitiveness and social responsibility. To do that we shall be offering specialist municipal services by commercial sector, strengthening the city's associations' network and less successful commercial areas, helping out iconic shops and working with commerce from a diverse range of origins.

Allow me to say again, before I finish, that we are completely at your disposal and fully committed to working in all the aspects I have just mentioned and in any new ones we come to agree on. I would like to count on your cooperation, because improving commerce and markets at the service of Barcelona's residents is a truly worthwhile goal.

Montserrat Ballarín

Councillor for Commerce and Markets

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