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International Roma anthem

Published Fri, 24/03/2017 - 10:46

Anthem. Composed by Yugoslavian Roma Jarko Jovanovic, the song is known by the first two words of its lyrics “Gelem, gelem”, which means “I went, I went".

The International Roma anthem was officially adopted in the First International Roma Congress, which took place in London in 1971.

The song remembers the genocide suffered by the Roma people during World War II, which meant the persecution and extermination of more than half a million Roma:


I went, I went on long roads
I met happy Roma
O Roma where do you come from,
With tents on happy roads?
O Roma, O brothers
I once had a great family,
The Black Legions murdered them
Come with me Roma from all the world
For the Roma roads have opened
Now is the time, rise up Roma now,
We will rise high if we act
O Roma, O brothers
Open, God, Black doors
You can see where are my people.

 Come back to tour the

Roads and walk with lucky Romani
O Roma, O brothers
Up, Gypsy! Now is the time
Come with me Roma

 brown face and dark eyes

 Much as I like black grapes
O Roma, O brothers

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