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Museu del Disseny

The Barcelona Design Museum opened in December 2014 and is a new cultural facility located in the Disseny Hub building in Barcelona. The Design Museum displays to the public its collections consisting of 70,000 items from the collections of decorative arts, ceramics, product design, textile and clothing and the Graphic Arts Museum which had previously been exhibited in various museums around the city.

Four permanent exhibitions

The Design Museum has begun with four in-house exhibitions. One of the main objectives of this first exhibition programme is to show the public the heritage value of the extensive catalogue of objects in the collections that have been brought together at the new museum.

The Museum has an educational mission that goes beyond building the historical narrative of the arts of objects and design in Barcelona. It seeks to help visitors understand and take part in the process behind the creation of the object: conceptual, functions and shapes, production, use and social representation.

The exhibitions are displayed on each of the building’s floors:

· ‘From the World to the Museum. Product Design, Cultural Heritage’This exhibition features 240 pieces taken from the product design collection. The show offers a tour of the best design of the last few decades and highlights objects that have been produced in Catalonia.

· ‘Extraordinary! Collections of Decorative and Author-Centred Art (3rd-20th Century)’. A tour in which visitors can see 1,200 pieces that make up the history of the decorative arts in Catalonia and which displays collections of ceramics, furniture, glass, textiles, clocks and other objects up to the author-centred art collections of the 20th century. 

· Dressing the body. Silhouettes and Fashion (1550-2015)’This exhibition displays the extensive collection of clothing and fashion from the 16th century to the present day featuring 170 items. The exhibition shows the relationship between clothing and the body, which has not always been the same over the centuries.

· ‘Graphic Design: from Trade to Profession’. A total of 300 pieces make up this exhibition dedicated to the pioneers of graphic design and featuring works produced from 1930 to the present. Posters, various kinds of advertising, two and three dimensional items, packaging and books trace the transition from  an advertising drawing artist to the graphic artist and later on the graphic designer.

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Temporary exhibition

Del Món al Museu-Foto: Aniol Resclosa
Extraordinàires-Foto: Aniol Resclosa
Del Món al Museu - Photo: Aniol Resclosa
Disseny gràfic- Photo: Arnau Farrés
Dresing the body - Photo Arnau Farrés
Dressing the body - Photo: Arnau Farrés

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