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The Disseny Hub, one of the protagonists of the Llum BCN 2019

On the 15th,16th and 17th February, the lights of Llum BCN 2019 will turn the streets of Poblenou into a great laboratory for outdoor experimentation. Located between the Glorias Tower and the Mercat dels Encants, the Disseny Hub building stands as an strategic point for renowned international artists and students from various schools of lighting, design and architecture to develop their creative potential through innovative and artistic installations and lighting techniques.

- The pond, converted into a door to explore the cosmos. Constellations will be projected in the pond of the Disseny Hub, a hypnotic constellation of water and light. In this innovative piece, European artists Joanie Lemercier and Paul Jebanasam invite us to embark on a journey in which Lemercier vector and monochrome aesthetics go hand in hand with the electronic soundscapes of producer Jebanasam.

- An "assault" on the facade of the building. The participation of the public will give life to a screening of Asalto Barcelona, ​​by Daniel Canogar. The result will be a virtual assault and looting of the building by the spectators, evoking the taking of the Bastille or the assault on the Winter Palace, with a simulation of the public climbing the spectacular facade.

- An immersive show in room A. Lumin AV, by Onionlab, experiments with the coexistence of different lighting techniques in an integral show that conceives light as a whole.

- FAD Meeting Point, more than a meeting point. In the Àvila foyer of the Disseny Hub Barcelona you will find the FAD Meeting Point, by Robert Thomson, a space for anyone who wants to enjoy the Llum BCN festival and the starting point of any route through Poblenou. A large interactive luminous totem allows visitors to leave an ephemeral signal with the light of your mobile phone on a photoluminescent material, and at the same time to deform a dynamic surface covered with mirrors, animating the space that surrounds it with your voice.

 - Hack the Light UP, this year's novelty inside the Disseny Hub. Hack the Light UP will take place inside the building, the first hackathon of the State in which lighting professionals, for example, designers, architects and technicians, will collaborate with programmers and creators for 24 hours to innovate in the field of light technology as a medium and as an experience. The presentation of projects will be on Sunday 17th February at 6:30 p.m. Pre-registration here.

We invite the citizens of Barcelona to discover together a new way of inhabiting the streets. A new form that also serves as a test and reflection on where and how the language of public space can evolve in the future. The audiovisual and lighting sectors become key agents in this context, since their participation contributes to the generation of an audiovisual narrative for a contemporary and open city, embracing Barcelona’s history and, in turn, empowering its cultural heritage.

Remember that you will find an information point and board on floor B of the Disseny Hub building. We invite you to download the Llum BCN 2019 map and to share your photographs with the hashtag #LlumBCN19. More information here.


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