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Forging bonds with the educational community

Building bridges with the educational community and being the speaker of young Catalan talent. This has been one of the lines of action of the Design Hub since its inception, in 2013, when the project of the building came to light. To date, both the equipment and the different institutions that collide under its umbrella (Design Museum of Barcelona, FAD, BCD Barcelona Design Center), all of them key pieces in the local cultural field, have developed programs, activities and strategies with the aim of stimulating synergies with universities and design schools and opening their doors to students from all over the world.

Since its inauguration, almost fiveyears ago, the Design Museum of Barcelona has become a reference for the teaching, scholar and university public. Apart from the collections that make up its heritage, it also puts at their disposal the documentary and archive funds that the Documentation Center brings together, a space for consultation and research specialised in decorative arts and design in all its disciplines. Besides, the Museum has increased the offer of scholar activities, that included workshops, guided visits of their current and temporary exhibitions and guided tours of the Museum-Apartment at the Casa Bloc.

One of the missions defined by the FAD in its manifesto is to promote creative culture, support new generations and stimulate excellence in the sector. With this principle, the different associations that form part of it organize, year after year, special categories in their awards that recognize students of design, architecture and art, and which at the same time serve as a springboard for future professionals. The Habitácola Awards, the Students MODA-FAD Award for Sustainability, and the Student Laus Aporta, by the ADG-FAD board, are some examples.

The BCD Barcelona Design Center is no exception. Keeping itself loyal to the purpose of promoting creative entrepreneurship among young people, the BCD leads MID Talent, an immersive program of preacceleration of talent that facilitates specific training on tools and creative resources focused on the co-creation of sustainable solutions to respond to different social challenges

During the first half of the year, the university community has occupied a large part of the Design Hub agenda. Among other events, we’ve hosted the parade of the final projects of the students of the LCI Barcelona School of Design, the open presentation of the EDIVI platform - Education for the Design for Living in the framework of the Barcelona Design Week, the lecture given by the UOC's Smart Classroom project and the graduation ceremony of the students of the BAU School.

All of this contributes to the task of incorporating young talent in the action of international economic promotion and in the story of the city on a global scale. In order to open up Barcelona to the world, it is crucial to promote the symbiosis between culture and the university network, and this is the main focus of the Design Hub.

Photo: Anna Achón

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