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Sharing efforts to wipe out rumours and hate speech on social media

Published Mon, 18/09/2017 - 19:22

Coexistence. The Barcelona Anti-Rumours Network is running a campaign to help users detect and put a stop to hate speech on social media.

It’s now over a month since the terrorist attacks in La Rambla and Cambrils. In the days immediately after the attack, a massive and exemplary public response placated any sort of xenophobic reaction towards Barcelona’s Muslim community. The Barcelona Anti-Rumours network has now put together a protocol and graphics to combat hate speech on social media as well. The hashtag for the campaign is #NoComparteixoRumors.

The initiative is aimed at combatting negative discourse on cultural and religious diversity on social media. The idea is to show users how to react to rumours and discriminatory messages, which are disseminated and can go viral very quickly, by reaching out to people’s responsible nature.

The campaign uses infograms, encouraging people to be critical of the messages they receive, particularly if they include content which is insulting, manipulative or based on rumours and prejudices about cultural diversity. That means not reacting impulsively, but rather reflecting on the reliability of the information and looking for other sources, as well as refraining from sharing the information, minimising its diffusion.

Finally, the Barcelona Anti-Rumours Network calls for people to report hate messages typified in the criminal code to the authorities. This can be done in person at the duty court and the prosecutor’s office for hate crimes and discrimination. Alternatively, citizens can approach the Office for Non-Discrimination, S.O.S Racisme, the Observatori contra l’Homofòbia or the police.

When faced with rumours based on stereotypes or unfounded or false information which is offensive or denigrating, the protocol recommends asking for respect, warning the sender not to send the same sort of message and inviting them to get informed beforehand. The objective is to foster more responsible behaviour on social media.


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